Another Young Talent

Rudy Chalmers, a son of the late Mr Vuyo Mbuli brings his amazing voice into the industry, as well as the intelligence and charisma inherited from his father.

Rudy is currently doing his 3rd year of BA Politics and Philosophy at the University of Cape Town. He shares that his debut album “Fears & Fantasies” speaks to the place that he’s in right now, and he knows a lot of young people with big dreams and fantasies that cause fear in them. ‘’The balance of the fear and fantasy is super necessary because without the fear, you’re never going to be nervous enough to keep yourself honest, and without fantasising you’re never going to keep yourself going,’’ he said.

He is looking at performing at Rocking The Daisies and Afropunk one day and with the focus he has and goals for his future he will definitely reach that goal, but for now we’ll be seeing him performing at Selective Live one of the cool venues in Cape Town.

Music has filled Rudy’s ears and his heart for as long as he can remember. Songwriting was something he first attempted at 8 years old, inspired by the music he heard all around him. At 15 the young man decided that he wanted to turn this form of self-expression he had discovered into music that he could share with others and maybe even the world.    

Rudy Chalmers another dream is to continue expressing himself through music in the months and years to come. The young man’s live shows have begun to gain traction around the country. Chalmers says performing live is the best part about making music. “Being able to engage with people and share my work with them in person always feels like a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I feel lucky every time I get the chance to perform for my listeners and show them a little part of what’s in my soul”, He said.   

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