Another Young Fassie Coming Up To Be Big!

Gemma Fassie is a sing-songwriter from the Southern suburbs of Cape Town. Music has always been in her, from the age of 6 she used to go and sing at local fashion shows. Music seems to be her family thing. “There’s always been exposure to different music genres and styles, which helped to ignite my passion for music and to shape my sound from Jazz to R&B, and even Hip Hop.” she says.

Ms Fassie will forever look up her brother who is a big inspiration to her, she adds by saying “We grew up in the hood, and he used his passion for music to help him break free from the area we were living in. He worked every day to understand music theory and this put him in a position where he got the opportunity to study music at university level. To be able to look at him, see all the places around the world where his music has taken him, and to know that we come from the same household is always very inspiring to me.”

Gemma has an EP that she dropped called ‘After Hours’ which consists of three songs, she did not know what to do after she released it “nothing could out of me, I felt blocked” she explained. A friend of hers invited her to a boot camp where she performed and got discovered by the Retro Records recording label and they showed interest in her and their partnership connected.

Her aunt was the late icon Ms Brenda Fassie, but Gemma never had an opportunity to meet her because she passed away when Gemma was between the ages of five or six and she only saw her on tv with her father and only realized later in the years that she was actually the famous Brenda Fassie. Her friend advised her to change her name to Gemma Fassie and it would gain a traction.

One of her goals is to release a tape with Retro Records, and seeing herself performing in the big stage one day. With focus and passion for music, with no doubt she will achieve these goals!

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