Lockdown Lovestory Tour 2022

Pilani Bubu is a lady carrying lot of talents and experience, but in all of these talents she has today we want to a bit about the singer and songwriter one.

Ms Bubu is a phenomenal story teller at heart as well as an international performer. Speaking of story telling and travelling Ms Bubu is currently on a tour both locally and internationally telling her Lockdown Lovestory.

Just a glimpse on our future readers that will one day come across this article. As the country we once found ourselves under a pandemic where we were fighting a virus called Coronavirus (Covid 19), we were touched so much as a country as we lost a lot and were under lockdown for almost two years, in everything that everyone was going through some fell in love as others fell out of love. We then have people like Ms Bubu who took their love experience during that time and put it on paper and surely there will be some people that can relate.

Ms Bubu has been going around Africa sharing her Lockdown Lovestory backing it up it with her amazing sounds, a love story that happened between the month of March during hard level of the lockdown when we were only can interact electronically, and month of October 2021 when now the levels were a bit relaxing and started to physically interact as people. The way her story ends basically outlines that she got ghosted by her electronic “boyfriend”.

It is great that Ms Bubu is now back home, South Africa to finish off her tour of sharing this lovestory, and it is with great pleasure that the first venue she will be performing at is Selective Live in Cape Town. You are interested in the story and want to be the first one to listen to her telling it in SA? Then you surely know the right place to be at the right time.

The more details about the event are found in Selective Live socials as well as Pilani Bubu’s, also on Selective City App. Every information one could be looking for with regards this event is found on all those platforms.

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