Let’s All Rock The Daisies!

Rocking The Daisies in an eco-friendly music and lifestyle festival taking place at the Cloof Wine Estate Darling Street, cape Town and in Johannesburg. It takes three consecutive days in Cape Town and two in Johannesburg and only happens in the month of October, “October is our month” they say. It can be said that it’s one of the big festivals happening in these two Provinces. In this year of 2022 in Cape Town it will be starting on the 7th of October until the 9th, tickets are booked on quicket. This festival book artists both local and international which makes it more fun and interesting to attend as they also have different stages to hold their performances on.

The line-up for this year, we are looking at the likes of Elaine, Duchwrth, DJ Viktoria, Saint Jhn and others. You are restricted to bring your ID or you don’t enter the premises.

They have facilities that include showers for those that will be camping, there is alcohol and food for sale, there is camps and also people can make braai. It’s fun!

How Does A Booking Process Goes?

You need to be 18 years old or older in order to gain access into Rocking the Daisies. If you are turning 18 during the weekend of the festival you may only enter the festival grounds once you are officially of age.

You need to have your ID/passport number ready for the ticket booking process, read the terms and conditions of purchase, as well as have a full understanding of the festival’s Refunds Policy (please see Refunds Policy).

To book event tickets through Quicket, the automated booking process must be completed and payment information submitted in the prescribed manner. The Quicket booking process will provide Ticket Holders with an opportunity to review the entire transaction, to correct any mistakes and to withdraw from the transaction before finally submitting a booking request.

The supply of tickets offered depends upon the availability of tickets for the event. We may limit bookings to a specified number of persons.

The information submitted with a booking request will be processed “as is”. Ticket Holders must contact Quicket immediately if the information provided in the booking request is incorrect.

The owner of a ticket purchased on Quicket is the Quicket account holder. The owner of the credit card or bank account used in the purchase cannot claim ownership of a ticket.

You need to first register in order to be able to buy Rocking the Daisies tickets. If you’re buying tickets for someone else, please make sure that they also register. You can register here.

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