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Phenomenal sculpture and painter born in 1992 at Geldenhuys, Cape Town, Romi Frida Flowers. She would describe her style as a mixture of figurative, abstract and animated illustration like characters from a story book. She began taking art classes at the formally known art school, Frank Joubert and was places in the drawing class. Romi had always had love for arts, from drama and music, to various form of dance.

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Romi Flowers expresses her double edged sword view of reality through a brightly contrasted genre of portraiture, where she deals with the concepts of social issues that are troubling our young, by creating an atmosphere through the shapes and figures she depicts in the human form. Flowers uses her art as a way to communicate those social issues deemed difficult to speak about  like beauty stereotypes, abuse, rape, gender, and mental health awareness, by applying a filter of flowers and playful colour combinations. Every painting tells more than one story, it is as the saying goes, in the eye of the beholder. Your perception paves the road to the routes you chose to take.

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